#9 Giorgiana Vlasceanu – Program Manager at StepFWD, Teaching Assistant & PhD. Student on AI research, startups, mentoring and diversity

Giorgiana Vlasceanu is Program Manager at StepFWD, Forbes 30 under 30 Alumni, Teaching Assistant at Automatic Control & Computers Faculty and Co-founder at Codette. During her High School years, she started to become interested in volunteer work and organizing events. She swiftly became a leader of her peers, representing them in the National Council of High School Students. As a university student, she was dedicated to continuously develop these skills and use them to help the people in her local community. In this respect, she has dedicated her free time to be actively involved in youth NGOs and communities, as well as doing volunteer work.

#8 Cristian Constantin Olarasu – Director, Central Product Management at Nike on aligning expectations around AI projects

Consumer internet junkie with a passion for platforms and experience design. Forbes 30under 30 | 2013. Now tackling global growth at Nike. Previously attacked the enterprise at Lore IO. 10+ years of experience in growing technology companies. Background in new product initiatives, software product design and development. Figuring out gaps between prod/eng and business teams. Deep interest in big-data technologies and AI/machine learning.

#7 Raul Popa – CEO, Co-founder and Data Scientist at TypingDNA on the intersection of AI and security

Raul is a Techstars alumnus (NYC’18) with 15+ years of expertise in software development, product management and business management, prior to TypingDNA he co-founded other startups, helped launch several other innovative software products and coded core software components used by millions.

#6 Titus Capilnean – Director, Corporate Marketing at Appen on marketing AI products

Titus Capilean has 10+ years of experience delivering up to 20X hyper-growth in 12 mos. / scaling to 2+M FB fans by building high-profile, global digital presences + hyper-active developer eco-systems & communities, generating national buzz w/efficient digital ad spend. At Appen he’s heading up Brand, PR, Social Media, Research, Content, Thought Leadership, Customer Evidence.

#5 Andrei Savu – Products & Technology at Sweat Equity Ventures on creating complete and contextually relevant products

Andrei Savu – Principal at Sweat Equity Ventures. Ex-Twitter, Cloudera and PMC member at Apache Software Foundation. Sweat Equity Ventures is a Value Accelerator, a new kind of investor that invests expertise and time in exchange for equity. SEV is represented by a team of highly experienced operators; entrepreneurs and technologists; founders with decades of building highly successful companies, launching products used by millions, and creating billions of dollars in commercial value.

#4 Sebastien Provencher – Senior Tech Executive (Ex-Element AI, HomeAdvisor, Yellow Pages and Ubisoft) on the growing need for product operations

Sebastien Provencher has 20 years of experience in the tech industry, a well-rounded product-focused senior executive with horizontal experience in many industry verticals such as AI/ML, Marketplaces, Enterprise SaaS, just to name a few. Over the last 12 years, he’s been a key member of senior leadership teams and in roles that report directly to the CEO. Since 2011, he has been paying it forward in the startup community by advising & mentoring emerging entrepreneurs, recently named All-Star Mentor by Techstars.

#3 Carlos Fenollosa – Founder and CEO at Optimus Price on running an AI startup in Barcelona during the COVID-19 lockdown

A researcher and data analyst at heart, Carlos Fennollosa spent 7 years researching predictive models for DNA and protein modeling at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Carlos founded three startups, the first two failed and the last one is growing strong: https://optimusprice.ai

#2 Andreea Georgescu – Operations Researcher at MIT on business problem-solving and decision-making using mathematical analysis

With a background in mathematics and operations research, Andreea’s interests lie in complex systems, predominantly in business and economics. She’s passionate about bringing math, data, and creativity to tangible decision problems.

#1 Markus Lampinen – CEO at Prifina on freedom and power to control your data

Markus is a product-focused entrepreneur, working with paradigm shifts in industries like data, fintech and content rights from HK, London, NY and SF. Markus has studied finance and information systems (MS) and is passionate about personal freedom. He’s CEO at Prifina – a company that believes data and applications will be separated in the future, where individuals gain value from their data and developers get democratized data access to build the best apps.