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Thomas Gerber

#25 The Five Dysfunctions of an AI/ML Team with Thomas Gerber, Ex-Director of Engineering Salesforce Einstein

Software Engineering Leader with 15 years of experience in SaaS, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems and Data & AI/Machine Learning Platforms. Currently in charge of the Einstein ML Data Lake at Salesforce. Hands-on software architecture & engineering, technical leadership, people management, management of large inter-disciplinary projects. Experience in both startups and large companies.

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#24 AI on Code with Baptiste Bouffaut – CTO at Ponicode

A Geek Maker Leader and Artificial Intelligence enthusiast passionate about technologies. Since 2013, he has participated on various entrepreneurship projects that brought him to web-mobile full-stack development, Growth-Hacking, Community-Management and Machine-Learning skills. For the past years he’s been focused more on his leadership quality helping companies to grow from start-up to scale-up. 

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#23 A Citizen's Guide to Artificial Intelligence with John Zerilli – Author and Research Fellow at University of Cambridge

John Zerilli is a philosopher with particular interests in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and the law. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, in the University of Cambridge, and from May 2021 will be a Leverhulme Trust Fellow at the University of Oxford. He has published numerous articles, canvassing law, political economy, philosophy, and cognitive science, and three books, of which the two most recent are The Adaptable Mind (Oxford University Press, 2020) and A Citizen’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (MIT Press, 2021).

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#22 Search Engines Based on Synthetic AI-generated Data with Roi Krakovski – Founder & CEO at Usearch

Roi Krakovski is Founder & CEO – the web search engine built entirely from AI-generated data. It eliminates the need to collect users’ data, such as search queries to be bootstrapped or improved. Its groundbreaking technology generates synthetic data that is identical to real users’ data, thus making it accurate, scalable, independent and truly private.

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#21 The Proust QuestionAIre with Nancy Names – General Manager Nemes Ventures

Inspired by her book The Proust QuestionnAIre: Artificial Intelligence in a stunningly diverse & insightful way, in my conversation with Nancy Nemes I challenged her to answer some of her own questions around AI. 

Nancy is the founder at #humanAIze & GM Nemes Ventures. She’s a tech trendsetter and a hands-on leader with 20 years of global experience in high tech companies across Europe, the USA, Canada, and South America – Microsoft & Google amongst them. She’s the founder of Ms. AI, an international platform that supports women to participate, grow and win in the space of Artificial Intelligence and she’s also a board member at Global Women in Tech. Not to mention the fact that she’s an investor in high-tech companies and a mentor for early-stage startups. 

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#20 Raluca Crisan – Data Scientist & Co-founder ETIQ on AI ethics and mitigating algorithmic bias

Raluca is a co-founder at ETIQ, a start-up that tackles unintended bias in automated decision making and she has spent the past 10 years working in data science and analytics across a variety of sectors. She has a BA from Amherst College in Massachusetts, and an MA from the University of York. In 2020 Raluca won the prestigious Women in AI award. Raluca’s experience spans managing large teams to hands-on data product development.