Get Your AI On! is the AI podcast where founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, software engineers and even AI researchers come together to share their experience in dealing with problems that can be solved through intelligent use of data.

I’m Ciprian (Chip) Borodescu – the host of the show, ex-MorphL (acquired by Algolia), currently Head of Algolia Romania & AI Product Manager. I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember and I thrive at the intersection of tech & business. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and philosophy and I’m on a mission to help people succeed through the use of AI.

My favourite quote: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is“, Jim Carrey. Personal philosophy: #stoicism. Personal mantra: #givefirst.

Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Medium. Or via e-mail at hello@.

#35 Post-Deployment Data Science with Hakim Elakhrass, Co-Founder and CEO at NannyML Get Your AI On!

NannyML is an OSS Python library to detect silent model failure, estimate the performance of ML model even without ground truth, and robustly identify data drift. In this episode we meet Hakim – he love to talk about: machine learning, decision making, bayesian stuff, performance estimation, and bunch of other stuff.
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