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#30 On AI Startup Mistakes with Nicolas Dessaigne, ex-CEO Algolia and Group Partner at Y Combinator

Nicolas is a firm believer of “culture-first” companies and, as CEO, he was focused on building just that at Algolia where team empowerment is how they accomplished their goals. Prior to co-founding Algolia with Julien, he spent over 12 years working on information retrieval at Exalead and Thales. He’s now Group Partner at Y Combinator and member of the Board of Directors at Algolia.

#29 On God & AI with Marius Dorobantu, Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at VU Amsterdam

Since October 2020 Marius researched and thought at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL). His current project, funded by the Templeton WCF, is an attempt at better understanding the notion of “spiritual intelligence” from a psychological, computational and theological perspective.

Between 2017 and 2020 he completed a PhD in ethics at the University of Strasbourg (FR). His thesis analysed the potential philosophical and theological implications of human-level Artificial Intelligence.

#28 On Human-centric Infrastructure for ML and Data Science with Ville Tuulos – Ex-Netflix, CEO and Co-founder Outerbounds

Ville Tuulos – Ex-Netflix, where he led the machine learning infrastructure team and currently CEO and co-founder at Outerbounds where he’s building the modern, human-centric ML infrastructure stack, continuing the open-source product called Metaflow that he developed and managed during his Netflix days.

#27 On Human-AI Collaboration with Clodéric Mars, VP Engineering at AI Redefined (AIR)

Clodéric Mars is a creative, enthusiastic and thoughtful software engineer. Since 2006, he’s been building and deploying AIs designed for Humans, bridging deeptech and usage. At AI Redefined (AIR) he seeks to leverage the advent of AI to the benefit of humankind through human-AI collaboration; that’s why he’s on a mission to enable humans and AI to trust and continuously learn from each other via Cogment, the dynamic human-AI orchestration platform.

#26 The Uncomfortable Things about AI with Grant Wernick, CEO & Co-Founder at Fletch

Grant Wenick is a multi-time founder, currently founding his third venture, Fletch, and his second venture in data analytics and cybersecurity. Fletch is pioneering a new category called Ready-to-Use Analytics. Fletch is the product of 10+ years of leading and building with amazing people to productize natural language (NLP), machine learning (ML), and search technologies that solve some of the most challenging data problems.